Bâtca Doamnei Lake

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Bâtca Doamnei, Romania


Lake Batca Doamnei is located at an altitude of 325 meters and is an important element of Piatra Neamt because, besides its protection purpose, it also offers wonderful views. From here, you can admire the panorama of the city and Ceahlau Mountain in all its splendor.

Formed in 1962 by the Bistrita river barrier and lateral indigestion, on the left side, of a perimeter of the major riverbed, the Batca Doamnei Lake has an area of ​​235 ha, a maximum length of 3200 m, a maximum width of 1050 m and a maximum depth of 15.5 m.

It is supplied with water from Izvoru Muntelui-Bicaz reservoir dam via the Stejaru Hydroelectric Water Supply Channel, to which is added the Doamna river, the right tributary of the lake and the old course of the Bistrita river which has a very low flow. Near the lake is Batca Doamnei hill, where are the ruins of Dacian Fortress from Batca Doamnei.

Lake Batca Doamnei, alongside the Pangarati and Vaduri lakes, is a special area for birds moving on the Eastern Carpathian Migration Corridor and is an important link in preserving biodiversity and natural habitats for the entire eastern area of ​​the European continent.

The lake, thanks to the large surface, offers winter conditions for a large number of birds. In November, on Batca Doamnei Lake, there are specimens of large cormorant that pop out here during migration.

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