Ceahlău Mountain

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Ceahlău Massif, Romania


Is the tallest from Bistriţa Mountains from group Moldo-Transilvania Carpathians, being also one of the mountains with the greatest tourist importance from Orientals Carpathians.

Ceahlău Mountain is located in Neamţ county, at a small distance from Bicaz city and Izvorul Muntelui Lake. His highest peak is Ocolaşul Mare with 1907 metres altitude, Toaca peak measuring 1904 metres.

There are 7 marked tourist routes on Ceahlău with medium and high difficulty degree, with two main starting points: Izvorul Muntelui (next Bicaz) and Durău (2 of them having starting point from Bicazul Ardelean village and Neagra village).

The most challenging are the 3 routes that leaves from Izvorul Muntelui but also the ones from Durău that offers special experience. These allows even to beginners to taste from the experience that Ceahlău have to offer.

Even if you do not climb up to Shed Dochia or Toaca peak and you go only to Fântânele Shed or Duruitoarea Waterfall, you will enjoy unforgettable landscapes.

Even on the foot of Ceahlău Mountain, at Durău resort the view is amazing, is a dream view.

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