Defiant (Croatia) + Contraband X

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Str. Cuza Voda Nr. 46-48, Piatra Neamt, Romania, 610019


Live Metal Concert
Defiant - Croatia
Contraband X -Romania

Defiant is a Death/Black metal band from Croatia. Formed in 2005.The band’s music is Black/Death Metal in its pure essence, in the mood of bands such as Behemoth, Vader, Hate or Belphegor. Defiant played more than 300 shows and had a few european tours.
After being active for 13 years and releasing 3 albums of studio, including “The End of Beginning” (2006), “Era of Substitution” (2012) and “Morbid Spiritual Illness” (2015), the new album “Insurrection Icon” was recorded in Hellsound Studio in Czech Republic
and it’s released on May 25th 2018 through Art Gates Records worldwide.

Contraband X is Romanian Metal band established in 2017. Folowing a number of lineup changes through 2017, the band had its first live gigs later in the year and then began recording its first studio album, combining death and groove metal with some modern metal influences. The band's debut album is called „Ruins of Mankind” and it's a 35-minute, 7-track EP. Since the album was released in March 2018, Contraband X held a number of live Concerts in cities like Piatra Neamt, Suceava, Roman, and Iasi. Currently the band is working on new songs for an upcoming material that will be released by the end of 2018.