Soundopamine(live act), Octav [at] Mountain Beach

Data și ora:
Aleea Tineretului, Piatra Neamț, Romania


Soundopamine(live act), Octav [at] Mountain Beach

Chris & Natasha are a lifetime musicians that met at the courses of the National Music University in Bucharest, back in 2012, creating their own everyday paradise soundtrack ever since.
They had a really busy 2017, touring around in eastern europe, being spotted playin' in the most obscure locations but also on the stages of the nicest events & festivals around here. The duo - live act took part in the #wildmusictracks experiment in which they transformed a bus into a musical instrument on the way to Sunwaves Festival and they ware also invited as production trainers along with Rhadoo, Mahony and Fouchat, in the romanian dj bootcamp . 2018' had even a better energy, as they started by being nominated as one of the 2018 artists with a significant rise. The summer brought a collaboration with the Open Air crew in Portugal which culminated with a party under the stars in central Lisbon. Since then two vinyl releases came out and some more digital goodies and video live-sets so you better start digging.
sunny days ahead ♡

BILETE IN AVANS la Chaplin’s Pub in numar limitat pret 30 lei
40 lei la locatie in limita locurilor disponibile
Va rugam respectati toate normele pentru prevenirea combaterii Covid19 impuse de autoritati si organizatori:
- este obligatorie măsurarea temperaturii la intrare
- fiecare persoana va purta masca de protectie obligatoriu
- vom pune la dispozitie dezinfectant
- se vor amenaja spatii pentru respectare normelor de distantare sociala
- orice persoana care nu va respecta masurile adoptate de organizatori va fi evacuata.

Evenimentul se adreseaza numai persoanelor majore 18+