➋ Hiking on the Cârloman hill (to the Bistrița Monastery)



DIRECTIONS AND ORIENTATION: And this nature hike, like the other tourist routes marked in the application, has its starting point at the Royal Court, the heart of our city. Those who want to shorten it a little, can take their personal car to the end of Bogdan Vodă Street, right at the base of Cârloman Hill. If you walk, you will be able to admire the historic houses on Ștefan cel Mare street, but you will also pass by the Forestry Technical College and the "Ceahlăul" Piatra-Neamț Stadium. The route markings start as soon as you reach the coast and continue towards Bobeica Peak (677 m). Go further towards Drângu Meadow, then climb up to Prihodiștea Peak (807 m). From here, downhill, it is half an hour to the Bistrița Monastery. The overall level of difficulty is medium, with a few more difficult sections, so appropriate clothing and footwear are strongly recommended. Tourists who do not dare to complete the route can choose to go only as far as Drângu Meadow, after which they can return on the same road or choose another descent route.

OTHER DETAILS: At the beginning of the route, on a wide open plateau on Cârloman, you can admire the town of Piatra-Neamţ from a new perspective, with the Pietricica, Cozla and Cernegura hills, but also the Bâtca Doamnei lake and hill. Near Drângu Meadow you can also see part of Gârcina village, and in an opening in the path you can even distinguish the Ceahlău Massif in the distance, with Butu and Ana's Tower, Ocolaşul Mic, Dacian Table, Ocolaşul Mare and Lespezi Peak. On most of the route, the paths cross the dense and little-traveled forest. But the landscapes offered by the few meadows reward the road-weary traveler.


- Route under homologation and marked with a blue stripe.
- Difficulty: medium.
- Level difference: approximately 400-500m.
- Total length of the route: 8-10 km (one way only). If you reach M.Bistrita, you can take a minibus from here to bring you back to the city.
- Estimated travel time: 4-5 hours, but which may vary more depending on the composition of the hiking group and the time allocated to rest stops, for photos or simply to admire the beauty of the forest.

Photos and information taken from Gabriel Marin (Max), a tour guide with a passion for mountains and nature walks. If you want to use his services, you can contact him on the number +40763634364.

Route Stop Points