③ Downhill on Cozla hill

Mountain bike & Downhill


Piatra-Neamț has one of the most beautiful and spectacular downhill trails in the country. The route is technical with short straight sections, bends with low visibility (due to the rich vegetation). It includes new sections and elements, slower segments and is a very fun and amateur-friendly flow course. The route is approximately 2 km long, and access is by cable car.
It's good to know that the "Tare ca Piatra" downhill competition is organized on this route. The line designed by the organizers is fully adapted to the natural conditions of the mountain (difference in level and type of soil), the route thus testing the endurance and skills of the riders on sandy terrain and high temperatures, factors that increase its speed.

On www.tarecapiatra.org you can find all the details of the event and also here you can sign up for the following events. The event usually takes place in August.


- Level: expert.
- Total length of the circuit: 1.8 km.
- Difference in level: 263 m.
- Average incline: 27%.

Route Stop Points