➋ The route: "Almaș Monastery - Valley of the Twelve - Roznov"



PREAMBLE: All routes "by car through the surroundings" promoted in our application start from the heart of the city (The Royal Court). Regardless of whether they are drawn circularly or linearly, they return to Piatra-Neamț, the details of distances and times being presented below. Some of the attractions are visitable, and others that are on the route can simply be admired either from a distance or with short detours from the main route. Everyone will be free to decide as they please. But it's good to know that all tourist attractions tell their own story, which is also the reason why we included in the itinerary places more or less known to the general public.

DIRECTIONS AND ORIENTATION: This tourist route will first take you to the traditional small house "Dimineți în Cerdac", located at the exit from the city towards Târgu-Neamț. It's good to know that the beautiful location is on closed-circuit, but it's worth the stop for some good Instagram shots. You will then continue to Almaș, a monastery with a rich history in an idyllic natural setting. The Valley of the Twelve is the surprise of this itinerary, a small village where you will feel like you are in the Hobbit tales. From here you will head south, first towards the Girov village, then towards the small town of Roznov. The "St. Nicolae" church in the central park is really worth a visit thanks to its special architecture. You will then return to Piatra-Neamț, passing through Săvinești and having the petrochemical plant on your right, once the biggest employer of the city. If you haven't already done so, then you can end your route at the top of Pietricica hill. The view here "worths all the money"...the ones you don't have to pay for anyway, because it costs you absolutely nothing to get here.

DISTANCE AND TIME: 65 km (circular route) / 1h and 30min actual drive, approximately 5-6h with visits and breaks.

FOOD & DRINK OFFER: The locations on the route where you can eat and drink and that we can recommend are: Almaș (pension and restaurant), the Valley of the Twelve or Mastro Titta Pizzeria from Roznov. You can find them on Google Maps along with many other restaurants in the vicinity of the city. Instead, those in Piatra-Neamț are also listed in the EAT & DRINK section of the application.

Route Stop Points