➁ Easy trail through the Balaurului forest

Mountain bike & Downhill


This is one of the easiest routes in the immediate vicinity of the city of Piatra-Neamț, being suitable for all types of cyclists. You can go out as a family with the little ones or just as well you can go out with friends for a relaxing ride on the weekend. You can also do the same ride in high speed, each depending on the desired rhythm.

The starting point is the parking lot at the top of the paved climb between Piatra-Neamț and Dobreni, where those who prefer to go out with their little ones will also leave their car. The very small difference in level, of only 290 meters, makes it suitable even for children of 10-11 years old.


- Beginner level.
- Total length of the circuit: 14.80 km
- Difference in level: 336 m.

Route Stop Points