Moldavian Cuisine

The county of Neamț is known not only for the hospitality of the inhabitants, but also for the selected dishes and traditional drinks. Therefore, it is absolutely natural that we recommend all our guests to try some of all these products that we are really proud of even abroad.

Hârzob de păstrăv

One of the dishes specific to the place that you don't want to miss is smoked trout covered with fir branches, a tasty dish that takes a long time to prepare but will not let you down. To obtain this product, you need smoked trout, pallets and fir branches. The trout is then kept cold, in a special sauce, using only natural spices, being hot smoked in beech wood barrels. A delicacy!

Ţuica cu schinduc

Mount Ceahlău offers not only tourist routes and dream landscapes, but also medicinal plants or plants used in gastronomy. One of them is hemlock-parsley, Ceahlăul being the only place in Romania where it grows. For more than a hundred years, the monks of the Ceahlău Monastery have known the places where this plant with miraculous therapeutic properties can be found. Okay, it has other benefits too, but we'd better leave it to you to ask the locals what they are.

Ciorbe moldoveneşti

You cannot leave the area of Moldova without trying a special dish cooked according to a special technique. To sour the soup, borscht is used, made from wheat bran, with which vegetable or meat soups are prepared. We especially recommend the sour soup with smoked meat served directly in the bread. Foreign tourists are crazy about it!


The preparation of traditional sheep and goat milk products are real jobs, especially in some mountainous areas of Neamț County. The sheperd's hut is the place where the shepherds prepare specialties such as cheese made out of buttermilk, curd, butter and ewe-cheese. And some of them are even accessible to tourists.

Turtă cu julfă

This cake is a traditional Christmas cake, which is made from unleavened dough, the recipe containing only fasting ingredients. On Eve, the dough is filled with julfa – a composition of crushed and boiled hemp seeds. Now you have an extra reason to visit us during the holidays too.

Plăcintele moldovenești „poale-n brâu”

Do these pies need any more presentations? These small pies are made of leavened dough, then filled with fragrant cow cheese. Some also have raisins. And most are powdered with sugar. In other words, you will lick your fingers afterwards!

Bulz ciobănesc

The shepherds prepare a polenta from corn, water and salt. The cold dough is shaped in the hand, flattened, a pocket is made in the middle, after which cheese, a piece of butter and bacon are placed in, then the "bulz" is shaped like a larger well-closed dumpling. The polenta shank prepared in this way is placed on the grill until the cheese melts inside.

Afinată, cireşată şi vişinată

These products are specific to the Moldova area, due to the special potential of natural resources. They are traditional drinks obtained at home, by simple methods, by maceration. In other words, every local will serve you in his garden with a "small" shot. To connect the words better and to have a good conversation.

Tochitura moldovenească

The stew is by far the star of any traditional Romanian meal. Depending on the culinary habits of the locals from different regions of the country, several types of stew are known. The Moldovan one contains: pork, smoked sausages, ribs and smoked bacon. It is served with polenta, poached eggs and cheese on top.

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