Colibele Haiducilor ("Outlaws' huts")

Colibele Haiducilor ("Outlaws' huts")



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Parc Cozla, 13 Codrului Street, Piatra Neamt, Romania, 610102


Colibele Haiducilor ("Outlaws' huts"), a new object of tourist and citizen interest, were put into use in 1968. The construction work started in April and lasted until August, the investment value being 500,000 lei.

"Located in a beautiful natural setting, on one of the terraces of the "Cozla" park, they consist of six huts with 8 seats each, a grotto where whole rams will be roasted and can be served in skewers, a rustic restaurant with 80 seats, plus a 20-seat bar, the terrace (courtyard) with 150 seats, an outlaw hut for keeping and serving wines in burnt clay jugs and a terrace with a view of the city center and the Bistriței Valley».

The architect of "Colibelor haiducilor", Vasile Popovici, stated that the materials used were: wood and stone, and the roof was made of slate. "In the big hut, for example, the atmosphere of an outlaw stop is recreated. The outlaws came, dismounted, took the saddles from the horses, placed them around a log, entered the house and went about their business».

Nicolae Săndescu, foreman at Group 2 of the Piatra Neamț construction site, said that "we tried to do a job of the best quality, so that when we come to the restaurant's tables as consumers, we will not be ashamed". Dumitru Frosin, director of TAPL Piatra Neamț, said in his turn: "The taraf led by Preda Isidor also contributes to the completion of the atmosphere. The singers have many outlaw musical pieces in their repertoire, and through their interpretation, I hope they will show a good artistic attitude, thus enjoying the warm appreciation of the consumers. I think that our new establishment will be very much in demand by consumers due to its outlaw character, with various culinary preparations from game, sheep, beef, poultry, mushrooms, cheeses. Also, the drinks will be of the best quality».

Article published by A. Nanu and Tiberiu Uță in Ceahlăul newspaper (Sunday, September 8, 1968) and taken from


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