Cucuteni Neolithic Art Museum

Cucuteni Neolithic Art Museum

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Strada Ștefan cel Mare 3, Piatra Neamț, Romania


Founded in year 2005, works in the building built by Carol Zane in years 1928-1930 and decorated by carver Vicenzo Puschiasis.

The remains discovered in the field, in over 150 archaeological sites, over six decades form the exceptional heritage of this museum.

Cucuteni culture represents the most important civilisation of "Old Europe" and is the last culture with painted ceramics from Europe.

The museum exhibition contain almost 300 pieces arranged on two levels and three rooms. Here it can be admired objects of ceramics painted in three colors, figurative-plastic art objects anthropomorph and zoomorph, decorative art objects applied on vase, all representative for all the fases of development of this culture.

Visiting hours: Everyday from 09 to 17 (October to March); from 10 to 18 (April to September)
Monday: Closed


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