④ #priNeamt „Reservation of bison - Neamț Monastery & Fortress - Ion Creangă Memorial House”

Trips through the county



PREAMBLE: All itineraries by car through Neamț county promoted in our application start from the heart of the city (The Royal Court). Regardless of whether they are drawn circularly or linearly, they return to Piatra-Neamț, the details of distances and time being presented below. Some of the attractions are visitable, while others that are on the route can simply be admired either from the distance or by making short detours from the main route. Feel free to decide! But it's good to know that all tourist attractions tell their own story, which is also the reason why we included in the itinerary places more or less known to the general public.

DIRECTIONS AND ORIENTATION: This tourist route will first pass through the Bălțatești spa resort, and a little further on you will turn left and keep going until Văratec, the first stop in this itinerary. After visiting the beautiful monastery, you will return to the main road and go to the reservation of bison and carpathian fauna in the Vânători-Neamț area. This place is not to be missed, especially if you are with children. In the immediate vicinity of the zoo is the "Mihail Sadoveanu" memorial house, and then the Neamț Monastery, the oldest of all the monasteries built in the region of Moldova. Give yourself at least an hour to visit this very important religious place. You will then return to Târgu-Neamț, but before ending your route at the impressive and imposing Neamț Fortress, stop for a few moments to visit two other memorial houses: the first in Humulești, of the famous Romanian writer Ion Creangă, and the second right in the city center, of Veronica Micle.

DISTANCE AND TIME: 85 km (one way) and 50 km (return), so 135 km in total / 2h 30min actual drive (roundtrip), approximately 8-9h with visits, breaks and possibly lunch.

FOOD & DRINK: The locations on the route where you can have a meal and drink and that we can recommend are: Conacul Pavăl in Nemțișor, Casa Arcașului in Tg. Neamț and Aristocratis Pension. You can find them on Google Maps along with many other restaurants in the vicinity of the city. Instead, those in Piatra-Neamț are also listed in the EAT & DRINK section of the application.

Route Stop Points