➌ The route "Lac Veselaru - Tazlău Monastery - Ioan Mironescu Memorial House"



PREAMBLE: All routes "by car through the surroundings" promoted in our application start from the heart of the city (The Royal Court). Regardless of whether they are drawn circularly or linearly, they return to Piatra-Neamț, the details of distances and times being presented below. Some of the attractions are visitable, and others that are on the route can simply be admired either from a distance or with short detours from the main route. Everyone will be free to decide as they please. But it's good to know that all tourist attractions tell their own story, which is also the reason why we included in the itinerary places more or less known to the general public.

DIRECTIONS AND ORIENTATION: This tourist route will first take you to Roznov, where you will turn right in the city center, then right again as soon as you cross the bridge over the Bistrița River. In the Negulești village you will park the car and walk a short route through the forest to Veselaru, the smallest brother of the lakes formed by a natural dam (Cuejdel is the big brother, and Lacul Roșu the middle brother). In the page with the presentation of Lake Veselaru you will find more indications. You will then return to Roznov, and in Chintinici you will turn right and continue until Borlești. The next stop is Nechit Monastery, once a simple place of retreat for monks who wanted to perfect their union with Christ. Finally, you will arrive in Tazlău village, where a beautiful traditional home converted into a memorial house of an important figure from Neamț awaits you, a small museum of the village, but especially the Tazlău Monastery, an important monument, considered the most important among all those built by Stephen the Great in the county. From here you will make your way back to Roznov, and then to Piatra-Neamț.

DISTANCE AND TIME: 70 km (linear route) / 1h and 30min actual drive, approximately 6-7h with visits and breaks. Without the necessary detours, on the way back you will travel only 30 km from the last point of the route to Piatra-Neamț.

FOOD & DRINK OFFER: The locations along the route where you can eat and drink and that we can recommend are: the restaurants "Dor de Han" and "La Matiz" in Şovoaia, La Piti Pizzeria in Borlești or Popasul Vânătorului and Carul cu Bere in Tazlau. You can find them on Google Maps along with many other restaurants in the vicinity of the city. Instead, those in Piatra-Neamț are also listed in the EAT & DRINK section of the application.

Route Stop Points