Ștefan's the Great Tower

Ștefan's the Great Tower

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Piața Libertății, Piatra Neamț, Romania


In the historic city center, next Royal Church "Saint Ioan Domnesc", is located the Bell Tower or Ștefan's the Great Tower. Built in year 1499, one year away from the building of the church.

On the front of the tower it can be seen brickworks and the famous small discs of enamel and colored terracotta.

Nowadays in the room of bells it can be find four bells: the big one from 17th century, has an unique sound, one from the 19th century and another two bells that was cast recently. An urban legend says that in Ștefan's the Great Tower lived almost 26 years old Gheorghe Lazăr, a real pilgrim, unique for his spiritual life.

On the half of 19th century it's made the heightening of the tower, above the last medieval level creating a room for "fire watchers". The device of the first big clock of the Bell Tower was brought from Viena in year 1861. Over the time the device of the clock has been changed several times and the actual one was installed in year 1920 with the contribution of merchants from the area.


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